What our clients have to say...


“My daughter chose one of Helen’s paintings, I chose the other. The colours struck me straight away, great brightness, vibrancy, hope and aesthetics in each piece. They take me away to another place and brighten my busy day as  I walk past them. Both paintings are fantastic talking pieces when we have guests. They set off any space and décor beautifully. “           A. D.


"Helen's art is simply amazing. I love looking at my painting every day, it just brings a smile to my face. There is so much beauty in it and it lights up the whole room."        O. R.


"I had the pleasure of purchasing two beautiful original paintings by Helen one called 'Spring' and the other 'Wind Surfers' I got specifically for my beach house on the Great Ocean Road. The vibrant colours and the warm scene makes me very happy, be it summer or winter - just perfect for a beach setting".      G. P. 

"Helen's print has given an aura to the room in 

"Helen's art print has given an aura to the room in which it hangs. Always pleasant to look at especially after a hard day!"         A. R.

"I still love Helen's paintings that came into my life decades ago. They uplift and delight me every day".     G. E.



"Helen's artwork is joyful, vibrant and so full of life, they elevate any space and can't help but make you smile. So much for this amazing artist and everything she creates."           K. M.  

"I love having these Bassett paintings in my 

"I have very special feelings towards both of the original Helen Bassett paintings I proudly display in my home!! They truly bring an amazing WOW factor to my dining, living and kitchen areas, with their beautiful colours and incredible abstract patterns. Artwork is something special and means different things to everyone. These two inspire me every day, both because of the significance of the year I purchased them and also because the Artist herself is such an amazingly talented person!! Thank you, Helen!"

N. Mc C.


‘Helen Bassett’s print work is sensationally coloured, sprung from paintings which have a  terrific optimism.’ R. S.

"I love having these Bassett paintings in my house and office, it's that splash of colour, they're so uplifting."    G. N. 

‘Helen Bassett’s print work is sensationally 

We put a beautiful print from Helen Bassett on the wall of our B&B...I never tire of seeing it and it adds SO much to the room. The colours are glorious!

"I have always admired the colourful and uplifting style of Helen's paintings. When my husband asked me a few Christmases ago what I really, really, would like...I didn't hesitate. I wanted a canvas from Bassett Gallery. It looks sensational in our entrance hallway and we always get compliments when people walk in the door. Such an asset to our home".     M. C.   


Helen has painted portraits of my two daughters that I've hung in my lounge room. They have been a beautiful addition, uplifting the ambient decore I have attempted to create in our home. I love seeing these paintings every day and never tire of them. I get constant compliments from friends and family saying how beautiful they are not only the likeness but that the portraits convey their personalities so well. I have three of Helen's paintings, I decided on these because I wanted to have artwork on the walls to reflect and have meaning, relating to our family and our lives, instead of just 'pretty' things on our walls. Thank you Helen for these beautiful creations.    A.S.